Hi everyone I've just recently purchased a BMW 530D e60 2004, it has airbag light on with an error message on the idrive. The previous owner said it could be the seat occupancy on the passenger side as he cleared it before and then his wife put her knees to check the baby and the light came back on. So i then bought Inpa on ebay to try scan the airbag + Parking sensors as its also faulty.
The first time i scanned i could not get into the PDC module even thought when i ran on the Functions section it discovered:

Now I've tried to decode the errors through the hex to decimal calculator on a google search but found no results on them could some one please advise on how to find out what these errors mean?
I noticed some errors that came up, are to do with the engine.

The day after i ran the laptop on the car again, i tried to scan the engine directly instead of through the function section and i got this error message:

also i managed to get a direct read on the parking sensors giving me these error codes:
9E2B - no signal or value
9E2E - no signal or value
9E38 - signal or value bellow threshold

I've got snaps of the full description if this is not enough info, please advise if this is required

I've gone to the bumpers with the system on, and there are 3 sensors not doing the clicking noise, do these error codes confirm i do need to replace these sensors or something else?
The sensors not working are: Front right corner sensor, Rear left corner + Rear right middle
Based on the online search I've done i have got mixed results as it could be the module or the sensors, could someone advise?
Many thanks