My iDrive has recently started going completely berserk on some cold start ups. In these cases I get multiple errors, "Active Steering Failure", "Transmission Failure", "Flat Tires" and more. When I switch the car off and restart it no error, even when I do a "check control" then the car drives perfectly.

On one occasion the folded mirrors, ventilation fan, wipers and windows also stopped working... on restart all worked again.

A few months ago I also started getting regular errors from the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system that I had a flat tire but every time I'd stop and check the tires were perfect, I assumed it was a faulty sensor but now suspect it's related to the iDrive issue.

I dread the cost or this repair so any advice from people who've had similar experiences would be appreciated. Does anyone know of a good car electrics specialist with experience with iDrives systems in South London? (Lewisham area)

Thanks in advance