Hi, I am somewhat successfully using a OBD2 usb diagnostic cable with my current E46 320d Y:2003
I have a question regarding the diagnostic cable for a E36 as I mentioned in the thread name. I read that I need a 19 or 20 pin male connector(Serial connection(preferred) or USB connection) in order to able to read the codes using INPA. The thing is, when I asked to take a picture of the pins I was a bit surprised when I received those images. There is 22 pins @ the diagnostic socket(under the bonnet) See images.
idnadn6aboa3elq5i8x1.jpg ylxt6jxyvdzpskvzdgoa.jpg
It's just, I can't tell what is what, as I had never opened it by myself. Can anyone point me to the link on ebay where I could buy a OBD to usb diagnostics cable?