My driver side window motor went out on my 1993 e36. After looking all over for a used regulator and motor that would fix my car, the only one I found was in another state, after picking up the regulator and returning home, I noticed that the wiring connections were different. My old motor had 5 wires going into 1 socket and the new motor has 5 wires going into two different sockets(they said the regulator came out of a 93' but I'm pretty sure its from a later model). Both have two large wires and three small wires, but I have tried every configuration that I could think of and no luck. I can get the window to go up and down by alternating the two large wires from the motor to the power and ground (the two large wires coming from the wire harness) but as far as connecting all wires so I have use of my buttons, I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated, maybe a color chart for the window motors or anything that could help me get pass this dilemma, thanks.