Although my car is a 2000 Alpina B3, in this instance it can be regarded as most other pre-facelift E46's.

So, my B3 does not have parking sensors fitted to it, and I therefore decided to retrofit the rear OEM ones. A bit weird really as I've read that all other E46's from 07/99 are supposed to have them fitted as standard - my car is registered 10/2000 - anyway mine doesn't have them!:roll:

So I have just finished buying most of the required bits, luckily for less than £100 (wiring loom, ecu and bracket, lower bumper trim and sensors), and so apart from the gong and the power lead, the car apparently just needs coding to recognise that they're fitted.

Firstly, has anyone out there done this, and have any useful tips for the retrofit itself please?

Secondly, does anyone know whether one of these BMW 1.4.0 interfaces will enable me to do the coding please?

Scanner For BMW 1.4.0 Programmer V1.4 Diagnostic Scan Interface E38 E39 E46 | eBay

I was thinking about getting one of these anyway after it came up in conversion in a PM on another forum and they look quite useful to own, so it looks like it's probably worth a shot regardless.

I will otherwise have to take it to my indie to get done, so quite an opportunity to see if it will pay for itself.