Hi. I took my m3 to a auto electrician to look at why my speaker isnt working. He took out fuses 7 and 41 and another fuse out. Then put them back in. i think he mixed up fuse 7 and 41 (put 41 in 7 and 7 in 41) by accident then turned the car on, realised he messed up then put the correct fuses in. Now my stereo wont turn off when the key is out! Im not happy to say the least The fuses arent blown, I have replaced with like fuses already. Ive left the battery out for 5mins, And that did nothing. When i take the key out the music turns off after a few seconsd like it delayed, but the headunit stays on untill i turn the monitor off, But the red light stays on. How do i fix this problem? Fuse 41 *sparked* a bit when i fitted the fuse..is this normal? Thanks