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    Hi everyone I for my sins am the owner of a W reg 2000 530D auto touring and after replacing the battery, starter and hedgehog I am still getting stuck with a flat battery. I started it on my drive this morning drove it for 30 miles parked for 10 minutes got back in battery so dead it would not light the panel let alone anything else tried to jump it off of various small cars in the locality which lit the lights but only gave a click from the starter so back to the RAC who started me using a jump battery pack and also his vehicle he checked that it was charging and it was on the way home it was raining after five minutes driving the lights dimmed and my windscreen wipers stopped I have been experiencing battery problems for a while but it normally lasts a week after charging overnight but normally it would start with a jump off my wife’s Peugeot 204 but I just do not know where else to look. I was going to take off the alternator and have it checked but when I looked at it, it appears to be major surgery it is difficult enough even to see and everyone who has looked at and put various testers on tell me the battery is good the alternator is charging and there does not appear to be drain if there is it must be intermittent someone please give me something solid to try every on this car seems be maybe because!!!! All help and advice gratefully received thanks Chris

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    Oops...we forgot to title the thread correctly

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