Hi all, first post on here AFAIK. My remote key for my 740i (unintentionally) went through the washing machine. Granted its nice and clean but it doesn't work now! After replacing the batteries and following the procedure for reprogramming I've had no luck, the LED in the key flashes like its meant to but it won't communicate with the car. I've consigned myself to needing a new key.
From what I've read any working 3 button key would be able to be matched to my car - which would explain why I'm seeing vendors selling used keys on ebay - I've also read that E38s operate on something like 315mHz but all the keys I see are 433mHz (iirc), can anyone shed any light on these two points?
One other thing, am I right in thinking that the M60 in my car doesn't have an immobiliser chip in the key being an earlier management system?

Thanks in advance,