Hi all,
I have had my car a while now and never got round to sort this fault.

It's a 330ci sport with the power fold mirrors and memory seats, both of which are not functioning correctly.

When checking out the fault I have found that the mirror adjustment fuse has been removed, and now the retracting mirrors sometimes stick on the retracted position, the only way to get them down again seems to be by disconnecting the battery for a minute. This first happened when I tried to set the memory positions on the drivers seat so i'm guessing this is linked??

I have tried putting a new fuse in for the mirror adjustment but no better, the button for retracting the mirrors on the door mirror switch doesn't work more often than not.

Since ive not been using them the drivers side only moves half way now so could prob benefit from a bit of WD40.

On a few occasions recently one of the mirrors has decided to fold by itself, I've managed to get it back down using the battery disconnection trick but now my drivers side has stopped half way and I cant get the f****er back down.

Anyone out there got any ideas or maybe had a similar fault??