Hey all.

Seem to have a EML which is sensing a problem with fuel trim bank 1.

Yes I've still got to check the VAC hoses, and CCV, but I read many times, that it could be a MAF problem.

My symptoms are: poor starting (like really groggy to start, but push the pedal and it sparks up), EML comes on very randomly if cleared, I have no other problems as far as I can sensor or see.

So, I was wondering, if I got a cheap MAF sensor from ebay (BMW Mass Air flow Meter Sensor 0280217124. 1 Year Warranty. | eBay) would it flag up more problems if I tried it?

What I'm thinking is, try a cheap sensor, if it cures my problem, go out and splash out on a decent bosch/genuine unit.

Is there anything else that I've missed that might cause a "fuel trim bank1" fault?