Car is a 1999 Alpina B10 3.3 Touring which runs on LPG (I dabble in LPG conversions).

The car has been spot on for months, two weeks ago it became slightly hesitant and then all of a sudden ASC and Engine Failsafe Mode came in.

Before anyone mentions, it is no way related to the LPG as no codes have been thrown from that, even a slight misfire would trigger the LPG to shut down and throw fault codes so it is nothing that side.

The only fault code was a P0601 and a P0101 (MAF) I cleared the codes and the P0601 keeps coming back with the engine failsafe mode active.

So has anyone ever came across the P0601 code and can offer advice?

P0601 Internal Control Module Memory Check Sum Error???

I have replaced the ignition switch as this seems to be a common weak area.

I have also replaced MAF (non genuine) arrived today and fitted to the car. Car started up first time and starts all the time although failsafe mode is still on.

With the old (but genuine) MAF the car will not start full stop.

Is it likely to be the MAF and I need a genuine one?

Readings for the old one were as follows:

Pin 3 - Pin 2 = 143.5
Pin 3 - Pin 1 = 111.5
Pin 2 - Pin 1 = 16.6
(Pin 3 is closest to air filter end)

Does this sound the suspect?

Any other ideas please?