overiding indicators, horn, high beam etc for disability-please help


Thread: overiding indicators, horn, high beam etc for disability-please help

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  1. overiding indicators, horn, high beam etc for disability-please help 
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    Hi all
    I have a 2000 E46 318i & have lost the use of my r arm. I use a remote control on my steering wheel to override the indicator,high beam windscreen washers etc by connecting the relays in parallel with the various switches.

    However this new bmw has a computer (gmc?) & rather than a 12v live & switch-wire arrangement. it has a signal wire in-out system (looking at the wiring diagrams it looks like a resistor changes the signal values inside the various switches).
    Does anyone know how the signals are converted?(resistor values,chips or are they just normal switches) as i am afraid of testing with a mutimeter or shorting out signal in & signal out cables(blue & white for indicators?) in case i blow up what is probably a very expensive part.
    does anyone know the colours of each cable & its function for the wiper , indicator switch & horn

    I would be extremely great-full for any help with this problem

    just been thinking overnight(gawd it hurts) that the electronic signals must be converted to +12v at some point before reaching the bulbs/horn etc.
    Im guessing the output of the light switching center could be 12v-can anyone confirm this?
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