Hi everyone .

Before I start I would just like to say how great this forum is and have learnt massive amounts of info for my car

Here's my problem

I've recently bought 2005 x5 3.0d

I have successfully installed inpa/ sss/ dis on laptop and have used sss to activate key memory successfully

I need to access the tcu as my bluetooth pairing button just will not work. I am of the understanding that I can activate pairing mode by using one of the above program's. and also diagnose if there is a problem.

I don't just want to play around with this software as I'm fully aware what damage I could do .

Can anyone show me which program to use to get into the tcu an a step by step of what to do to get this sorted out?
I also need to diagnose the audio amplifier as I've lost sound on front right side. And want know if it is the amp or speakers problem

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!