1994, E36 318i, M43.

I was driving when suddenly there was this warning sound (the one that sounds when you haven't locked some doors), then immediately the fuel indicator, the temperature indicator and the rpm gauge indicator moved to red - just for a second, then they all stopped working and went straight to indicate zero - (as if the car has no fuel and temperature is at coldest and rpm at zero), just leaving the km/h gauge as the only operational gauge on the dash. (The low fuel light also stayed on)

I was at busy lane so I continued driving, but noticed that the turn indicators stopped working (but they worked when i pressed the hazzard warning).

Its like the car went into a safe mode operation.

Then suddenly it came back to life - and all the gauges started reading again.

This is the second time it has happened - the first time it even hooted!

What could be problem?