Afternoon all thought I'd share my low cost set up of security/lookout I've got. It's a combination of existing bits lying about and some from eBay.
It uses an old sony camcorder that has night mode.
Also the wireless tv channel transmitter and receiver units.
It has a cheep eBay dvr unit that was about 20 pounds.
Lastly I found a colour baby monitor and camera for 20 on eBay. I am using the receiver unit only as the camera has no zoom and the night mode is weak.
I am running the camcorder through the dvr unit which has built in motion detection. This uses an sd card to record or take snap shots, I've set it to video.
From here it then goes into they tv transmitter unit. Fortunately the baby receiver pics this up so I can view it on the wireless screen.
The other side of the TV receiver is plugged in to the TV incase I want a full screen shot.
I've attached some pictures too. Not ground breaking but a low cost solution using existing parts

Next phase is to install a small spy cam I had into the car and run it from a rechargeable battery to remove the risk of battery drainage, especially when I de lock the driver door