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  1. kbm and mpm applications out after dead short 
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    I own a 2008 535i (e60).

    I dead shorted fuse holder f34 in my front fusebox while hooking in a radar detector. This appears to have made all applications associated with my base body modlule (KBM) and the micro power management functions of my Gateway Module inoperative.

    Here is what is out that is associated with the KBM:
    rear door power windows and locks, ability to open the trunk (boot) without a key, windshield wipers. interior lights.
    Here is what is out associated with the micro power functions:
    CCC, Navigational System, Audio system, instrument cluster. This appears to be because the input wire from the Gateway Modlule feeding fuses f34 - f41 in the glovebox is not supplying current.

    I've checked all fuses, even the the 200 amp ones behind the rear fusebox, and they all have continuity across them.

    Both of these modules are powered through fuse f90 located behind the rear fusebox. I hope it would blow before the modules fried, and it is OK. While I understand people have blown the Gateway Module just changing batteries, I am hoping someone will have another avenue for me to explore before I give up and take the car to the dealer.

    Any idea of how to proceed?
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