Had a wierd thing happen this week while on holiday,woke up yesterday and instrument cluster was dead other than seatbelt light,tried messing with fuses disconnecting battery no joy,took it to main dealer they say i need a new cluster for 700 quid, so i left it,today it worked! But i have the abs dcs and yellow brake lights on,tried fuses and disconnecting bttery but no joy,got the abs light off after one battery disconnect but now all back on, i may have misplaced the fuses as i was messing in the dark yesterdy,have checked all the numbers on the fuse diagram and all seem there but not sure.and the pnly thing i can see change when is the handbrke light one stays red rather than going orange when handbrake is down? Any ideas?the dcs button does not make any diference
Will it need a reset at a dealer?