Hi all, second post here and trying in vain to solve this problem.

My airbag light is on permanently and tried a B800 airbag tool and it showed three dashes ie no errors.

Have bought the INPA software and cable and plugged that in OK and got the initial menu choices and and selected airbag and the same thing. It said no errors. And so nothing to reset and airbag light still on. Also tried disconnecting battery and checking fuses etc but still nothing. All the cable connectors under the seat look fine. Also tried the bypass kit for the passenger seat and still can't get the light out.

I'm left with letting the dealer or Indie check it out but someone here had the same problem and even they couldn't suss it out.

Only thing left is the airbag ecu but can that be checked out in any way before I resort to that?

Any help really appreciated.