Hi Guys,
So I've got a slight problem again
Got myself a 330D two weeks ago & last weekend decided to bypass the CD changer for a Bluetooth/Ipod intergraded system.

Whilst rewiring the installation my idiot of a brother forgot to disconnect the battery! this blew my radio fuse which I replaced & all was back to normal. Later that day, I then noticed my reverse lights & parking sensors weren't working. Weather this is all related to the earlier incident I don't know, just seems too much of a coincident for all of it to stop working that day.

Since then, I've checked the parking sensor fuse under the glovebox & seems to be fine as well as check the reverse bulbs. Also put the car in reverse with ignition on to check the parking sensors for any pulsating noises, but nothing, all dead!

I thought I'd come across the problem when I did some research suggesting that perhaps my reserve switch (located on the gearbox) had gone faulty, I replaced it yesterday & still nothing.

I've run out of ideas as to what to do & am wondering if there is anything else I should be checking or any ideas as to what you guys might think it could be?
It's beginning to be frustrating especially as I have to back the car up late night with no lights or sensors! HELP PLEASE!

Thanks in advance