Good evening,

My question is as follows, I am currently helping my brother-in-law try to find a replacement DME which a shop told him was bad and he needed to replace it.

Shop is looking for $700 Euros calculated from the Mexican Peso( Refurbished), well my question is as follows. Can DME's be swapped from a left handed steering wheel vehicle with a right handed one.
Example can a european DME be purchased and placed into the vehicle or will that throw everything off.

Part numbers are compared and are the same however since one is european and the other in mexico, will there be problems.

Vehicle is a 2005 BMW 120i 4cyl, which i beleive is also classified as an e87.

Is it a viable option to replace the DME with one purchased directly from germany or should he jus have the shop replace it with a refurbished one.

0 261 201 159
DME 7 561 834 -01

Any input would be greatly appreciated thank you