Hi everyone, i am new to this forum but could really do with your help !!!
I seem to be having a problem with the EWS 2 system in my M3 and want it gone.
At first we thought it may be a problem with the Clifford alarm system, but that has all been given a clean bill of health today.
So it all points to the EWS 2 and the local BMW will not help other than charging me £118 + vat to diagnose and then replace the EWS and reprogram the system

This all started after i broke down and the recovery company played around under the bonnet ant removed the battery from the boot.
At the week end i had several occasions when the lights on the dash all lit up but would not crank or prime the fuel pump. After several attempts i managed to get it going but it final gave up completely on sunday!!!!!

I am aware that there is a work around as the dealer confirmed this was true , but are not allowed to do it as they will get in major trouble with BMW.

if anyone can advise me how it is done i would be very greatfull, as being a woman driver it can get very embarrassing/ awkward if i get stuck any where, especially at night

P.S. I might be a woman driver but i am fully qualified and time served mechanic, spent the last 5 years working on Subaru's and running the work shops (yes i know, a very rear thing to hear, there arent many of us around lol)

looking forward to your replys

many thanks