Dear members,

I have a BMW 318d ES 57 plate and managed to upgrades steering wheel, seats, and door cards. I have 2 related questions and need some help.

1) I have a professional radio fitted. I removed steering wheel which had no controls and replaced with one with the controls on the steering wheel. I connected air bags socket and plugged the other adapter into the empty socket next to this. When I connected the buttons don't work. Does it require programming ? Is there another adapter behind the head unit? Is there another cable required.

2) the es model does not come with door entrance lights on the door cards. The new door panels have them fitted. When I removed the panel there was 2 wires , one for the speaker, and one for electric windows. Does anyone know if the door entrance light cable is within the standard loom and behind the foam panel? I don't want to start removing foam panel and thought I would ask a member first.

Look forward to any assistance in this