Hi all
I'm about to put I drive and factory bluetooth into my e90 saloon 2007 se with pro cd head unit.
I have already got the dash, console trim, controller, 8.8 monitor and pro dvd with the 2 slots and 8 buttons on the front.
with what I purchased was the full internal wiring loom. I have seperated it and I have backed out all the pins of the wires where they went in the fuse box for the monitor and controller and the looms are all ready to go in.
I was going to go down the route of the fiscon bluetooth but the price of £350 is off putting but simple to fit.
In my loom that came with the Idrive I have the phone wiring I have seperated it from the main harness and re loomed is with cloth tape.
I have looked at the retrofit instructions but I have extra wires I think its for BMW assit option. theres extra 2 wires that go with the microphone to the centre roof trim panel (for sos button I presume) also instead of just connecting live and earth there was an extra plug taped to the main loom where this connected the live and a small green black, a yellow wire, and another (can't remember what) 2 twisted together with what looks to be a purple speaker plug, I was guessing that goes to the centre dash speaker??????

I dont want all that assist nonsense!! I just want a bluetooth phone to show up on the dash or screen

are the phone modules different? I have had my box off the same guy I had the I drive and loom off but I left it when I collected the dash and stuff so its in the post and I don't know part numbers or anything yet. if its an assist box will I need a standard type?
I am not fittin roof antennas or cradle. if the box I get is the assist type will I have to wire it up properly (ie roof sos button, centre speaker etc) or will it work just as a bluetooth and play through the speakers can it be coded to not have assist
has anyone attempted this what I am doing, Im not refering to retrofit idrive or bluetooth I am on about dismantling a factory produced loom and removing bluetooth loom and getting it to work without assist
once Idrive is fitted will the parking sensors distance show on the central info display also?
I have access to coding on the cheap so I am ok in that area.
Need a ccc to cid cable if anyone got a cheap one, and front trim piece with no button at the bottom and climate trim and the vent pipe.
is the merc central info display cable the same??