Hi all,

Recently purchased a 2008 e90 4 door saloon which at some point has had its front and rear lights upgraded to the lci version.
All are working ok apart from the rear left indicator;
On the dashboard it was blinker faster, as such I did a visual check of the indicator light to notice the rear left indicator is flashing duller and the 3 LED's furthest out are not working at all. Somebody was watching the rear of my car when I started it the other day and I was told there appears to be some flickering between the rear lights for a few seconds initially, not sure if this is all connected to the mentioned?
I was told by a few people that the light cluster needs replacing as this is a common fault, I managed to source one and plugged it into the wiring of my car thinking this would sort it, however unfortunately I had the exact identical problems as mentioned above; the dull flash and same LED's out. I can only now assume that there is a problem not with the light cluster but the wiring/coding?
Is there anybody in the Manchester are who can help me please?

The front left indicator and the wing mirror indicator light are ok but appear to be flashing slightly faster. I will try and get a video uploaded or pics.

Thanks in advance for your help