Dear all,

Second-time poster, long time reader - thanks to all those helpful users who have contributed indirectly in solving my BMW problems in the past.

Ok, I have a 120d which had to have a new engine due to the timing chain failure issue that What Car among other press have written about.

The replacement engine runs well, though has an intermittent cutting-out issue : When the engine cuts out, a yellow engine warning light is displayed, a large shock travels up my spine, and the car is now coasting in neutral (the shock makes my reflex response put the car into neutral; I don't even have to think about it). As mentioned the, I'm now quite adept at this operation and can slip the hazards on, and often get the engine running again with the push button restart, all while rolling along at motorway speed... (my biggest single fear is steep inclines with no hard shoulder due to e.g. roadworks....)

This is of course, not ideal.

Initially, the garage suspected a faulty fuel pressure sensor and changed it. However, no joy. Since then I have purchased an OBD2 bluetooth box, and only about 50% of all readouts are working; RPM, boost, etc. Among the 'not working' or 'empty' category of OBD2 messages, are all fuel pressure related items. Neither are there ANY fault codes presented when 'Scanning for fault codes' is completed (I'm using software and box btw which I have tested in a friend's BMW and works flawlessly, so it's not my diagnostic kit).

Then one day, I'm driving along, the engine cuts out, same familiar yellow warning light appears, and this time I pull over to the hard shoulder to investigate the OBD2 fault codes... but again, when I scan for codes...NOTHING!~~

Could there be an ECU related issue? Are there any basic things I can try?
Any thoughts, ideas?

Best to all,