Hi all, I've got a 525d E60 on a 54 plate. I've had it for just over a year, and it runs and drives like an absolute dream as far as I'm concerned. However, i have noticed when I first start her up, the engine sounds and feels a bit lumpy whilst it idles, as if it is trying not to stall. I have also noticed that the exhaust fumes have a slightly sweet smell to them. The car itself is not showing any faults, and it drives absolutely fine, so I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas or suggestions?

Also, on a separate note, when I first bought the car, I noticed a whirring noise coming from the rear near side wheel. I'm running 19's, and when I got it checked out by an ex BMW mechanic, he said that the noise was being caused by "feathering" of the tyre. However, the noise hasn't gone away, or changed at all as far as I've noticed, despite having put almost 20,000 miles on the clock! I've noticed that the noise becomes more noticeable as speed is picked up, being loudest at about 55-60mph. After that, it seems to become quieter again! I'm concerned that it might be a wheel bearing, but again, any thoughts would be appreciated?



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