hi guys right two things got side indicator LED bulbs that are error free ect which they are but when i start the engine in the car without touching the indicator stalk or anything the bulbs like flicker rather than start flashing of putting codes on dash unsure of the problem there as i say there error free bulbs and are so when i indicate normaly and they do work a treat just the flicker problem it only does it for like five to ten seconds then it stops and just works as normal?

next thing is i bought front and rear LED indicators to got with the side ones and they are also error free ect but when i put them in the car they fkash fast and error codes on dash?? took them back out put in normal ones and all was fine again, i think i need resistors wired in my question is what is the type i need for the bulbs i have...

Upgrade Car LED Signal Indicator Light Bulbs 581 PY21W Amber Orange SMD Canbus | eBay

iv seen some resistors of all types of wattage and ohms ect but im unsure of what to go for a guy put 10ohms resistors in and worked for a bit then started problems again turns out he needed 8ohms but iv seen people saying 4-6 will work too??

just needing some answers to what i can do im pretty good at wiring (physical side wiring diagrams am not so hot) so am very confident in wiring resistors in, the rears will not be a problem as the feed and earth wires to indicators are just right there, the fronts will be the problem but have seen people modding the actual bulb holder its self and some people just tap into the main loom too

so any help will be great its mainly the resistors i need the info on but any other tips will be great, iv emailed the guy i bought the bulbs from to see what his deal is too.