Hey guys, Just fitted a towbar (yes theyre not attractive but needs must!) to my 2003 318iSe saloon and when it came to the wiring I read that I had to use a relay to switch the towing electrics otherwise it would upset the bulb warning system.

I have fitted one of these 7 Way Bypass Relay Towbar Towing Electrics | eBay

And wired up using this guide http://www.thuletowbars.com/upload/manuals/703214.pdf

The only exeption is I have yet to wire in the fog and reverse wires as I was planning to take them from the tailgate loom to save dismantling the interior, all the connections at the rear lights are the same as the guide, but when I put the ignition on I am getting a bulb failed warning on the left hand rear cluster?!

Any Ideas how to get rid or what might be a likely cause? I have made all the connections using scotchlock type connectors supplied with my relay, could it be that these have cut too deep into the wires or is that a bit far fetched? Ive come in as my back has had enough of stooping for one day but i would appreciate your input.