the other day my temp gauge went right up into the red on the dash and the red light came on in the gauge, no other lights or warnings, i had only driven about 2 or 3 miles up the road, i stopped the car and had a look but the cooling fans at the front had no switched on and there was no signs or overheating, the top raidiator pipe was quite warm and the bottom pipe was quite cool so i didnt worrie too much about it. aminute or 2 later the temp went down abit to about 3/4 on the temp gauge then back upto red. i had no other warnings on the car and no fault codes in the ecu.
next morning i turned on the ignition without starting the car and the temp gauge already reads half way up on the gauge which is where it used to always sit when the car was warmed up fine, i also checked the water again and it has been and still is fine.
i suspect there is a problem wiht the small brass temp gauge sender located under the inlet manifold screwed into the side of the block, ive had these go on other cars before.
has anyone changed one before bacause it looks like a real pig on a job. my bmw is a 1999 318i manual e46.
looks like the inlet manifold has to come off or maybe just the alternator to get access. can anyone advise?
id be happy to unplug the switch to see if the temp gauge goes down but i can even get my hand on the plug of the switch. thanks. john.