E46 rear bulbs cluster negative burning problem...


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  1. E46 rear bulbs cluster negative burning problem... 
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    ok il leave this to the mods as im not sure if it belongs in the auto electrical bit or how to's etc...

    most of you have seen the rear negative terminal problem where the blade and socket burns out on the rear cluster or prior to that giving you dim lights on one side LCM bulb out indications etc etc on the dash..

    the problem is caused by the neg its a common parrallel looped neg circuit for all the bulbs on the cluster so it has to handle the return negative for all of your bulbs that are lit so the weakest point and smallest point which is the plug becomes overheated and overloaded...

    now i dont think the actual plug is at fault its the actual #2 or 3 blade, its #2 female receptacle (passenger side)#3 (drivers side) IIRC on the plug thats at fault, the #2 or 3 female receptacle on the plug over time becomes not such a snug fit for the blade so it fails to conduct very well, starts warming up and burns it out eventually. not a problem on the feed side of the other pins for the bulbs cos they are individually fed and loaded on the + side'

    the problem is the #2 or #3 neg blades for each side share the negative return circuit for all the bulb negatives...

    i cleaned my neg blades up with a needle file a while ago and then with the end of a small pointed knife i squeezed the neg #2or #3 socket female receptacle halves on the plug together slightly more, so when it enters the cluster blade its a better snug fit and a better conductor...

    no problems since both sides are evenly bright and had no more bulb out indications...

    worth a shot before it burns out and ya have to mess about running and splicing another neg wire off the cluster in...
    330i sport a big chunk of berlin...


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    It's a good tip DD, moved to the Auto electrical section... Thanks

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