I managed to break my passenger mirror on my 2005 320 CI Convertible. The mirror is one that has a heated glass element, it can be adjusted automatically from the switch on the drivers door handle, it will also swivel up to make it less contrusive and finally it dips down when you are in reverse. After getting the shock of a replacement price from a dealer I decided to source it elsewhere and manage to get one off ebay. Problem is that the wiring on the mirror that came off is has a 3 plug (2 black wire and 1 red) this wire becomes a ribbon once inside the mirror head. The replacement has 5 wires (2 black ,1 red, 1 green and 1 grey). I am not overly fussed if it doesn't swivel but it would be good if I could adjust it automatically and have a heated glass element.

Thanks for your thoughts