Bought this car a couple of months ago (X reg 2000) with the passenger door lock failing to unlock with either the key buttons or the console button. It worked ok pulling the interior handle, so I replaced the latch/actuator with a second hand one.
This worked fine for a couple of weeks but I started to have trouble with the drivers door after a few days of fitting it. The lock button on the door looked like it was struggling to push itself up occasionally. I tried lubing it up to no avail, so I figured that maybe they were not getting enough power through the GM5 relays to push all 4 door motors at once (2 for locks, 2 for deadlocks).
I ordered and fitted a pair of replacement relay(s) I got from the 'bay without any problems and this seemed to perk both sides up nicely, but a couple of days ago the passenger side started to play up again. I pressed the console lock button a few times to see if it would unstick itself or something and at first only the drivers side worked, then both started to work, then it stopped operating the locks altogether. It still makes the relays click in the GM5, but now neither locks or unlocks.
Currently both doors lock and deadlock fine with the key button, but only the deadlocks release when I unlock with it. I have to unlock with the button and then stick the key in the door lock to open the car! Console button still clicks the relay but achieves nothing. Boot and petrol flap both work fine.

So could it still be the GM5? Both lock motors packing up on the same day? Something else?

I've double checked my work on the GM5 relays, including taking them back off to check the tracks underneath them and swapping them round when I re-soldered them back in (in case one of the relays was dodgy), made no difference.

Please help!