E46 325i (compact) Heater display not working (blower not working initially)


Thread: E46 325i (compact) Heater display not working (blower not working initially)

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  1. E46 325i (compact) Heater display not working (blower not working initially) 
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    In my E46 325i compact, the blower suddenly stopped working today.
    The display was initially working fine with all the lights for the cc working and noises happening when changing the blower to windscreen, footwell etc.

    There was just no air coming out and no blower motor noise.

    I checked the fuses for all the relevant components (air con, heater, blower etc) and they were all fine.

    However, when I then turned the car on after checking the fuses, the entire heater display has now stopped working!! It is as though there is no power now getting to it.

    I have triple checked all the fuses with a meter and they are fine and they are all in the same slots as they were initially. (Just in case I'm going mad)

    Just nothing on the display for the whole of this panel.

    This lead me to believe there may be a dodgy connection at the back of the fuse box in the glove box that I have removed so I removed the glove box and checked - everything seems fine.

    Anyone experienced something similar?
    Seems to be something to do with checking the fuses and putting them back in that has caused it.

    The underlying problem of the blower not working initially is also an issue but I would just (potentially the final stage unit/resistor according to many forum posts).

    However, I need power back to the unit to then test/replace this ....

    Thoughts please?!

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    Be worth removing the control panel and checking the connections are all good on the rear of the unit.

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