After ripping out all the wiring from all 4 lambda sensors I have a limp mode issue with my car.
The car was fine before I changed the clutch and during the exhaust refit, the front section fell off the stand and ripped all the wiring out of the aftermarket sensors which had unfortunately for me been hard wired (plugs cut off and new sensors joined to existing wiring) which is why they weren't removed completely.

Long and short of it, wiring confuses me, most of the wires seem to be the same colour, I'm aware there are probably some circuit tests that can be done to determine which wires go where but that is way beyond my scope of intelligence so I'm just throwing it out there and asking if anybody knows of someone around the Derby area who has the ability to rewire my lambdas and maybe repair a previous bodge job and fit new plugs so the lambdas can easily be replaced with direct fit when the time comes and not aftermarket crap.

Many thanks in advance.

P.S. Car is a '98.

Ta & Happy new year