Last week I started having a flat battery in the mornings.
Over the weekend I started investigating the problem.
Battery new(ish) and with a slight bit of charge will start the car)
Alternator OK, as when engine running charges fine at 14V

Started investigated current drains, when I start there seemed to be too much current drain after switch if the ignition, with car open, and I have a current pulse of approx 2.5A.

After a bit of looking round the net, I now know about the 16min shutdown time.

And later Saturday afternoon, carried on and the pulse seemed to be gone, by remover F9 Heater, and then locking it with my meter lead out the boot lid, I got 20mA as the shutdown current, and is about right from what I have read on here.
Took for a drive and no heat, as I saw F9 as heated windscreen washer, didn't notice the rest of what it is used for, have now written the fuse function in fuse order.

Sunday was working fine after 16 mins, 20mA, and battery volts after being left was at 12.5V to 12.7V
Thought it was Ok.
Tuesday I notice getting in to drive home the battery volt at 11.5, So the drain was back (I have a cigarette socket to 4mm straight into another DMM).

Put the ammeter on and the current pulse was back approx 2.5A.
The ammeter, after approx 2 mins goes down to 0.8A, but with the pulse flick up to over 3A. The current pulse is there all the time, but the current starts at about 5A on the shutdown / sleep routine)
Tried the heater fuses F9 and F20, still doing it, but it's not constant.

The Current flick is approx 1 second at 0.8A and approx half second to over 3A, but it will stop and start so won't be there for a while, when you think fixed).

Last night in the dark and rain, carried on the investigation by again tricking car that boot and passenger door were shut.

To check I removed all the fuses 1 by 1 to see, the 2 fuses that stop the current pulse are F6 and F29, the passenger and drivers door modules.
I though great can just remove these and solve real problem later, BUT the car then won't go to sleep after 16mins, but sits at the 0.8A all the time, which is better but not fixed. And I cannot use locks windows etc.

The windows all work, the locking all works, the mirrors work in all ways???
Any one any idea what is going on?

Any help will be appreciated.
Can do any tonight as out with the girlie but will be back on this tomorrow.