I hope that there is a simple solution and followng one of you much brighter guys than me offering it, I will be able to finally sort this.

The car is a 2000MY 523iSE Saloon and several months ago (the car is very lightly used) the brake lights decided to come on when the ignition switch is turned on and stay on constantly.

I suspected the brake pedal switch and replaced it- three times as it happened because I convinced myself that I was getting a rogue batch of duff new switches - to no avail.

I've checked the continuity from the switch to the LCM (Blue with a red tracer) and that appears fine.

I contacted an LCM repairer and he said brake lights acting this way (the only fault) was very, very unlikely to be something that a LCM rebuild would influence.

I've now persuaded myself that it is down to the ignition switch (well it is 11 years old) but on replacing that, still no joy!

I've now replaced all of the bulbs for a third time and now admit complete failure, I just can't think of anything else that will be causing this.

Please, please someone tell me what is going on and put me out of my misery. Many thanks.