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  1. E38 (and E39) - experiences of missing pixel problem 
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    Had the dreaded missing pixels problem on my new (to me) E38 735i. I have a background in electronic servicing and stuff so fearlessly paid my 20 quid for the replacement foil. The instructions are comprehensive but a bit optimistic in places - so I hope this might be useful to others...

    Summary: It very nearly worked. The temperature bit is slightly not right but everything else is spot on. I'm calling it a result.

    Here, in case they help someone else, are some random observations...

    * You need a good selection of pokey things, screwdrivers and a range of small torx screwdrivers. Some stanley blades, a credit card to scrape and a tin of contact cleaner from Maplin.
    * You need a lightweight electric screwdriver or a Dremel (or similar) for the drilling. You'll break things with a bigger battery drill. Promise.
    * You need a good, well lit place to work where you won't be disturbed and some soft towels and things to put delicate bits on.
    * The dash was never intended to come apart - so do expect some cold sweats and scary moments.
    * It's all reasonably straightforward up to the bits where you have to drill four holes through the front of the dash (!). Look very carefully at the pictures and get them in the right place. Check twice, drill once. I used a series of drill sizes from small up, until the holes were big enough. You'll never go straight in with the big drill - the surfaces aren't flat!
    * Be very, very careful drilling and be very carefull undoing the four LCD screws. I broke the corner off the plastic carrier with no trouble at all. I was pressing too hard on the drill! Some epoxy putty mended it but I could have done without it.
    * The LCD holder has to be persuaded out of the PCB after the four screws come out. The connections for the backlights are a (very) tight push fit into the board. That's what's holding it in. The instructions say that it might stick a bit - I had a hell of a job getting it out. Lever carefully round about those backlight connections.
    * After I took the LCD to bits I cleaned all the contacts up meticulously using a credit card (edge) and contact cleaner. It takes a bit of time to get it all spotless.
    * Putting the new foil back on the LCD is fiddly. You can line it all up, but you won't have a hope in hell of keeping it in place while putting the LCD retaining clip back on. I found that as long as you follow the instructions about aligning the two it *does* work. Blind faith
    * Again - you can't actually see that the foil is lining up properly with the PCB but for me it did work (well almost, but I damaged one of the retaining screw holes).

    So that's it. Definitely a go-er as long as you have good eyesight and are brave

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    nice guide mate and thank you

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