E36 (2000) Compact 318ti M-Sport Need a new battery or dodgy wiring somewhere


Thread: E36 (2000) Compact 318ti M-Sport Need a new battery or dodgy wiring somewhere

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  1. E36 (2000) Compact 318ti M-Sport Need a new battery or dodgy wiring somewhere
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    The car has a small battery (the battery tray holds 2 sizes, this battery is the smaller size) It says heavy duty on it but it looks like the cheapest battery you can buy. My last compact had a normal sized decent brand battery and you could leave the lights/stereo on for hours and it would be fine.

    This one seems to go dead within a day or two if left stood or not long after if lights/stereo are left on. Car has not been driven to charge the battery up in a while, parked in a garage and on my drive while I service/MOT it. Once the battery has gone dead and I start using jump leads and left running for a while the car will turn over fine.

    I'm going to replace the battery with a normal sized bosch one but I'm thinking something else may be draining the power as some of the electrics in the car have been messed with.

    The car has M3 mirrors fitted with indicators which have been wired up. I pulled the dash out to fit my Alpine headunit and noticed a wire un-plugged from the alarm box. I plugged it in and the alarm just kept going off. I also noticed the alarm LED didnt work and the wire was snapped.

    Alarm was pulsing with the wire plugged in but as it is now just makes a constant tone (seems to work fine though) Also a switch has been fitted below the electric windows button with two red wires to it and I don't have a clue what it is for. Wires for an amp in the boot have been wired into the fuse box. I removed the glass fuse out of the amp wiring kit housing as I don't need it and am trying to find if something is draining.

    I'm going to replace the battery anyway as I'm not having this piece of carp in my car. Will put a decent Bosch or any other decent recommended brands.

    Any suggestions or solutions concerning the potential powerdrain would be appreciated as I'm MOT ing the car in the next few days (tommorrow if I can get it booked in) I've just been servicing it/ironing out a few niggles before I use it so its tip top, cheers

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    Its quite possible the battey is nakered. And not holding its charge. Some places will do a free battery test for ya.

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