17-08-2013, 19:54
Please help, I had the car running on the drive jet washed engine... Engine soon cut out and hasn't started since. plenty of cranking but no sparks, can smell petrol getting to engine, I have changed the coil, spark plugs, dizzy cap and rotor arm but still nothing from the coil.
I have checked that power is reaching the coil.
I can't seem to find the main relay for the DME.
when viewed from the front of the car, looking in to the engine bay, my fuse box has the large, black fuel pump relay on the external left hand side only. 3 orange relays with rubber hoods at the front of the fuse box. 1 yellow relay with rubber hood on the right side of the fuse box.
All seem to work as they click when removed and re-connected?
I have removed the ECU multi plug and tested for current to the ECU, taking the pins as 1 to 18 on the top row & 19 to 35 along the bottom row. noting that there are not actually 35 electrical connections in the loom plug? I have 12v at pin 1, 27 & 28 when earthed whilst ignition key is turned to position 2.

I don't know why or what has failed but close to quitting on this car as I simply haven't a clue what to do now!
Any help at all will be humbly and gratefully appreciated.