Hi All, I have a 2004 118d that I only brought in november last year.
Everytime we wash the car either at a jetwash or car wash we seem to have issues with the dials. The first time we hand washed it on my driveway that slopes the boot lid open warning light came on and kept pinging and the rev counter twitched every so often. After a few hours it all went back to normal. aprox 2 weeks later i took the car through a car wash (lazy I know) It appeared all was well and drove home. After an hour i switched the car on to find the rev counter was at 2500 revs although the car was sat idling perfectly. The rev counter would then be well in excess of what it should be and kept sticking and was very slow in reducing. All the time the car was perfect. We took it back to the garage we brought it from but the car seemed to have dried out and was back to normal. They plugged in a diagnostic tool but no faults had been registered. They tried to chuck buckets of water over it but nothing happened.
yesterday I took the car to a jet wash and after a few minutes I noticed the rev counter was stuck again and today is still reading 2000 revs when you turn the engine on and wont drop below 1500. I take it there may be a leak somewhere and the water is getting in however I dont know where to begin. The diagnostics show the ecu is registering the correct revs so i assume its something between the ecu and dial cluster. Has anyone encountered this problem?