Hi there,

I have a w-reg 318i e46 and bought a peake research tool as my car was experiencing problems.

My symptons are as follows:

Engine stalls intermittently after starting and when starting from hot.
ASC/ABS/Handbrake lights come on together. (only intermittently - do not always stay on)
I top up water very regularly but am not loosing any into the head (no emulsion).
Excessive fuel usage. (i think)

3 Fault codes found were, all from table 61:

A6 - Periodendauer Lamdasonde Vor Kat
87 - Signal Camshaft Sensor
73 - Controll grid-controlled cooling.

I used a translator to convert A6 into Period Duration Lamda Probe before CAt - I assume this is the pre cat o2 sensor?
87 - obviously cam shaft position sensor
73 - grid controlled cooling - I have no idea what this could suggest.

Does anyone have any ideas what the above codes mean and can u confirm if my diagnosis for a6 and 87 is correct or are suggesting something different? Really want to know what 73 above means??

Many thanks