hi there, i have an e36 328, iv only had it a few months but my front motor and latches have now broken took it to bmw to have a look at it and they confirmed i needed front motor and latches as cables are busted this was going to be very expensive even secont hand so i decided to get the handle off the semi auto version from a breakers £20 this came as a unit so latches and all got it fitted nice and easy my problem is that the roof only goes down manually ie i have to pull lever (disengage motors) and do it that way which is a right pain i cant seem to get it going . I have tried resyncing but that was no good tho i can hear motors in boot and had those checked out and are working ,was unsure if iv screwed something up as there is no longer a motor in the front. any help would be greatly appreciated would like to get it going before the summer ends cheers guys