HI. i have a 2002 316Ti Compact. A few weeks ago it started juddering whilst at the traffic lights. i pulled over, got transported to a garage who eventually said it needed a new coil. All well and good for about two weeks but then when about to reverse in my driveway the car just stopped. I would turn over but wouldnt start. A local garage checked all the usual things and eventually said the ECU was probably not firing the injectors, as petrol was coming thru fine, the sparks were working etc etc. I even call the AA out who came to the say conclusion.
Ive since sent the ECU off and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Im therefore at a loss and dont want to fork out for loads more tests. Has anyone any ideas? I think i read somewhere that replacing a coil can cause an issue like this, but i dont know what. I need to be armed with the information so that i could go back to the original garage who replaced it and demand they fix it.
any ideas please?