I'm new to this forum and I own a bmw 1 series E87 m sport 2006 model. I'm having a bit of a problem, i have the car up for test but i have an airbag light on the dash. i hooked it up to INPA and it seems that the drivers side pretensioner has gone off, once i knew what the problem was i checked the stalk and it is shorter than the passengers, so i know this is the problem but i don't have time to wait for the new pretensioner to come from the dealer which they say will take one to two weeks, but my car is out of tax and test and i need it right away.

So what i am asking is there anyway to disable the pretensioner in INPA or can i trick my car in to thinking it has not gone off in another way. This will just be a short term fix till the new one comes so i can get my car back on the road.