Well a BMW Virgin here, just thought I would ask the group if anyone could help with the following:

I have a nearly (new) BMW 1 Series E87 (2006 1 Series, 120D SE) it is fitted with the Business Radio. My other half has now just bought a 2011 M-Sport 118D so we are I guess a true BMW family now :-)

I have been making enquires into the option of having bluetooth phone in my car, (the steering wheel has the controls) and found a company in Derby who can fit everything and setup with my iphone for £399 inc VAT.

However, they have told me that i will need to have BMW Proffesional Radio with the fibre optic port on it to enable them to do this. I have had a quick scout on Ebay (as suggested by the guy) but found nowt.... not that i would know what I am looking for to be honest......

There seems to be a few BMW E90, 3 series radios, but I dont know if these will fit in my car?

Can anyone help me with this? Would be much appreciated if someone has a solution!!!!