Hi. I have a BMW E92 325D and only bought the car early this year. Since I bought the car I saw that sometimes if I opened the door a few times and the boot, or cleaned the car the ďIncrease Battery DischargeĒ message will pop up and one time I remember I even had to jump start the car. Now because itís even colder one night Iíve tried 3 times till my car started and the lights when off from the dashboard as it looked like it drained all the power to struggle to start.
I went to a friend of mine near me who had a battery tester and showed me that the battery was in the middle area and suggested me to change it. Iíve read on the forums that the battery needs to be reprogrammed too but he didnít know how to do this.
I have an AGM battery and donít know why because my car doesnít have the start/stop system when in traffic. The dealer said the new battery would have to be an AGM battery £270 + programming £118. My current battery is a 12V, 90AH, 900A, 900CCA and Iím struggling to find a replacement as I managed to find a garage who said that they can program my battery for £20. For my car they said that the replacement battery is a Bosh battery which I donít think was AGM for £120.
I had problems when starting in cold wheatear with the glow plugs, as the glow plug icon was popping up, bust spoke with a friend who has BMW E90 and said to me after I put the key into ignition to leave it for 20-30 seconds till I start the car, so hopefully this is the problem and donít have to change them.
Can anybody help me out with a good quality replacement battery for my car?