HI, I've recently started to have some problem with my main/driver door window switch, first driver door window was only going down and wasnt coming up, went to local electrician, (new in this area so do not want to trust any one yet) he suggested its either the regulator or the motor, I manage to find the complete unit, connected and when I tried to pull the window up it wouldn't but when I pressed down it down down but again would not come up.

Took to mechanic again, he stated motor is getting power to move down but no power in cable to push the window up.

Now he thinks its the switch which has gone faulty, but all the other windows seems to be working fine along with folding mirrors.

Can anyone suggest if this can be repaired? as I've seen on eBay and people asking > £150. or is there any other solution i mean any one know where i can have it repaired or something I can do my self.