Evening All,

I have just purchased the following headlamps

E36 4D '91 - '00
H/L + C/L Angel eyes ECE BLK
444 - 1110PXNDCU2

I have a few observations and questions about these units.

First of all I have a 1997 BMW e36 323i SE

This BMW version comes with self leveling headlights the Depo lights units don't seem to have this option or do they.

So far I have left the self leveling 3 pin connector to one side.

The other plug on the main BMW loom is a circular 4 pin push and twist connector this plugged straight into the Depo light units and everything seems to work as it should. Apart from any self leveling

So I have a question.

If my lights are working fine, then what is the Depo wiring loom, which came in the box with the light units for.

Also on the back of the light units there are two wires coming out of the back, one is red the other is blue. These are connected together. Is this correct. If not what are there purpose in life.


Basically my lights seem to work well but I am not happy having bits unplugged and spares after doing an install.

There are no instructions with these units

Depo lights on the left and Hella units on the right