Hi guys i have wired up a push button start (havnt tested it yet )...but want to know how to a wire a switch for the ACC , i have a thick red and thick green wire .. do i run one wire from each of those to a switch ? i have tried the purple but that just gives the mileage and air bag light.

The push button start is wired to the thick green wire (i am assuming it is the ACC because when i short it out with the red the accesories come on).. from the thick green wire it is wired to the yellow/black ... im guessing is the starter motor ?

It is on a BMW E36 325TDS 1998 ... iv done this because the car came down with the "spinning key" problem... i will have to put the key in the ignition to de-arm the immobilizer anyway .

the push button start is the "VR" type... Any advise on the switch and the start button will be very helpful.. i have attached a MS PAINT diagramm i just mocked up .

Please help with any suggestions and once i have completed the FIX/MOD i will make a tutorial and post it up here.
starter and acc switch.jpg