I am currently the owner of a BMW 525d Touring, 130kw, 2005. The same was working with a PowerBox.
Due to want to sell the van this year, when I removed the chip, and reconnect the original chips, I came across a notice-board computer to say, increased emissions, please head over to the BMW.
Reconnected the chip and the van will not turn on, i´ve pluged in the original plugs from the motor and it turned on.
But the ECU fault continues...
When i connect the chip to the plugs, the van doens´t start, and produces 1028bares nominal rail pressure ad 1028bares real rail pressure I switch of the plug, it produces 400bares nominal rail pressure ad 400bares real rail pressure, this kind of pressure is made without the van being ON. It doens´t produce power.. it looks like she is on SafeMode.
ECU fault codes:

3F30 – Rail Pressure sensor
signal interruption or short circuit to positive

4232 - third cylinder glow plug

What we´ve done:

checking the operation of the sensor - OK
continuity of the sensor wires to the ECU - OK

He was also made direct connection from the battery negative position, to the engine block.

What can it be?